Greg Dlubacz Greg Dlubacz: Web/Graphic Designer
Bartosz Szczepaniak Bartosz Szczepaniak: Programmer
Karolina Awizen Karolina Awizen: New Business Manager


Web Designer/Graphic Designer

Real maniac of user interfaces and outstanding designs. He puts all his heart and passion in his projects. He pays great attention to details, so each piece of artwork is highly-polished.

If he is not at work, he probably buys new books on the Amazon or makes sushi.



Programmer with attention to detail. Every application must be polished and tested multiple times against any possible outcome and situation before he even consider that job was done.

Privately, big Science Fiction fan. His biggest dream is to visit International Space Station.


New Business Manager

Enjoys healthy cooking and discovering new flavours. She is an Animal Biologist by education hence her great interest in furry fellows, especially dogs.

Professionally she loves meeting people. If she is not at work, she probably experiments in the kitchen.


Where pixeled heart pixel beats

We’re a creative, small studio who just love designing interesting, unique, functional and pixel-perfect projects.
Our key competences include: Website Design, iOS Applications, UI/UX Design.

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Selected projects

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  • Heroes
  • indieads
  • Intelligentpos
  • Liam Ross Jewellery
  • evergreen